Now accepting advertisers

We are currently accepting advertisers to the radio station. We have repeat listeners from Pennsylvania to Virginia and even some friends in Great Britain.  Send us your MP3 or we can make you an AD for a small fee. Click here to find our current rates. We are willing to negotiate until we hit a target everybody is happy with. We look forward to working with you!

Donate Today!

We are currently accepting donations in order to purchase a music license from ASCAP. Donations of any amount are appreciated as it will get us closer to our goal ($250). Once we acquire the music license we will again be able to play more great country music that you  do not hear on mainstream country radio.

Click the link above or a donation button can be found on the main page of the website. Thanks.

We are LIVE!

I am proud to announce that Mudcat Country Radio is now Live! We are streaming on the web 24/7 and will soon be adding DJ spots and country legends  into the rotations. We are currently working on getting everything set up for the Tunein App, but it should be ready in a day or two. Please feel free to click on the link in the widget to the left of the website and listen live!

Mudcat County Radio

Welcome to Mudcat Country Radio! We are a new and independent country radio station from Greencastle, PA. We separate ourselves from other radio stations simply because we only play country music that has some sort of value, or feeling. We sift through all the new pop country and find the golden nuggets hidden from the mainstream. Though we are not yet up and running, feel free to find us on Facebook and connect with us! We would love your input!