Ashley McBryde vs. Bro Country

Ashley McBryde is one of those artists that you get excited about when you first hear them because it gives you hope that the rest of country radio will start playing good music again. Music that you know is country and not the ones that you have to listen for awhile just to determine if it is a pop mix station or a country station. In her new song, “Little Dive Bar,” McBryde proves country music is still out there. We just need to get all of the radio stations to start playing it.

The title of this blog post came to me because when I listen to the country singer guys, they all sound similar and are of the boy band pop type singers, except for Chris Stapleton, Cody Jinks. However, when you listen to the women like Ashley McBryde, Miranda Lambert, Kacey Musgraves, Carrie Underwood, and many more…they stay true to the music. If it does not sound like a country song, they are usually damn good songs anyways. Loretta Lynn and Willie Nelson are still recording damn good music. Not useless crap coming from the boy band guys.