Falling Spring Food Bank

A GoFundMe created by Wes Meyer of Chambersburg that aims to curb hunger in Chambersburg is up and running! On December 15th, there will be a pancake breakfast with live music and a silent auction with all the proceeds going to the Falling Spring Food Pantry. The whole event will happen at the Falling Spring Presbyterian Church. Also, check out the GoFundMe page that can be found at MudcatCountry.com, or on MudcatCountry’s Facebook page where you can make a donation for this great cause! As always, Mudcat Country supports non profits around the area. If you are a non profit and want to spread the word about your cause, email studio@mudcatcountry.com.

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Now accepting advertisers

We are currently accepting advertisers to the radio station. We have repeat listeners from Pennsylvania to Virginia and even some friends in Great Britain.  Send us your MP3 or we can make you an AD for a small fee. Click here to find our current rates. We are willing to negotiate until we hit a target everybody is happy with. We look forward to working with you!